Your finger becomes a fishing rod. You cast it out through a flick of the finger. The table is a deep pond with fish in it, of which you have to catch as many as possible in your turn.

Build & Destroy

build a fortress out of small blocks to protect your figures behind. In each turn, the players can build and can try to attack the other fortresses and figures in them with a slingshot.

Sheep shear

Lure as many sheep as possible into your barn with your dog to shear them. call your shepard dog to herd the sheep into your shearing area and go to town!

Fastest Hand in the West

Your Finger-Gun reflexes are tested against your opponents. Who draws first and does not miss?

Hot Potato

There is a bomb with several buttons on the table. The bomb explodes after an unknown time. Do you have the nerves to push the button?

More to come..

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